A specialized integrator with over 25 years of experience and excellence in the deployment of industrial barcode and data collection systems.

AhearnUSA has been providing solutions to business and industry since 1882 and is a leading international integrator of automatic data collection solutions in North America.

  •   Scanning Technologies
  •   Error Proofing
  •   Traceability Systems
  •   Warehousing Systems
  •   Programming and Engineering
  •   SPO Solutions

The ScaNet® family of interactive , Windows® based software application are provided in modular format to allow you to customize the data collection system architecture your application requires.

ScaNet® supports a wide variety of devices.  Whether they're fixed station terminals , batch or RF portable, hand held or fixed mounted scanners, touch buttons, RF Tag readers, PLC's, Scales or Discreet Logic, ScaNet® talks to them all..

Achieve seamless integration to existing Mainframe and Client/Server applications utilizing industry standard network and database formats..